Matthew Dwyer

Matthew Dwyer

Matthew Dwyer Studio is a boutique studio specialising in cinematic stories and photography by film maker and photographer Matthew Dwyer.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Matthew Dwyer Studio was initiated as a creative outlet with one goal in mind: to tell unique stories through film and photography. What started off with a friend asking us to capture their wedding day has progressed to a studio of feature wedding films and photography.


About Matt

Matt's style of film making is highly captivating and heart-warming. Matt likes to shoot in the background, capturing the smaller moments as the day unfolds, whilst having fun. With a passion for photography and film, when not behind a camera, Matt Dwyer, is either playing guitar, writing music or going on drives scouting undiscovered locations with his wife, Laura and baby girl Goldie Wilde.


About Laura

Laura is our lady boss, passionate about facilitating the videography logistics, with a background in Law, Event and Project Management. Laura is at the receiving end of all your emails and will ensure every moment of your day gets captured on film. Both Matt and Laura are influenced by a background in photography, film, design and a passionate love for all things simple, natural and raw.

We would love to tell your personal story, photograph your wedding day or assist you with any other photographic or film needs.

Please contact us so we can catch up for drinks and talk about how we can help you!

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