Tarsha & Todd

Howard Vineyard

When we first had coffee with Tarsha and Todd we instantly knew this was going to be something special. With a lot of laughter, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, they shared their story and let us in on a big secret they wanted to announce at their wedding. 

We chatted through life and love and were super excited to be part of their special day.

The day finally came, Tarsha, calm and relaxed, with laughter and zeal for life that was infectious. Todd and his groomsmen - a bunch of larrikins, judging from the laughter and jokes with each other we figured we were in for some fun!

There are so many highlights from the day: the incredible love and lifelong friendship between the bridal party, the beautiful families and amazing scenery at Howard Vineyard, through to the big announcement and ecstatic family and friends overjoyed with love about their news.

We have captured Tarsha and Todd's love story as we saw it unfold on the day. Let us know what you think!!